Voice Talent Mindy Hall, left and Killerspots.com’s President Storm Bennett at the Killerspots Booth

It is amazing how much effort, time, and money go into a successful promotion at your venue. Not to mention all of the cash that goes into radio advertising. That is why you have to make sure your radio commercials cut through the clutter and stand out from your competition or you’re dead in the water.

Killerspots Agency is a full-service advertising, marketing and entertainment agency dedicated to the hospitality industry with clients worldwide.

Killerspots offers a wide variety of marketing solution to help your business achieve its goals. We have helped hundreds of killer clients with radio spots and grassroots marketing that excites new business. Our marketing solutions include; radio spots, flyers, Dj drops and in-house marketing mentions, jingles, on-hold messaging and web design and hosting. PLUS, an online store with thousands of party supplies along with nightclub/bar and Dj gear.

Get major market results without major market price. Get free online demos and 24/7 customer service online and at (513) 270-2500

Article written and published by: Las Vegas Bar & Nightclub Magazine

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