Personality is one of the strongest marketing assets for a business. People base buying decisions on your likeability, passion and trustworthiness. If they like you, they’ll be motivated to buy from you.

Video is one of the best ways to showcase this personality, as it enables business owners to personally communicate with their prospects. That’s why Storm Bennett, on-air personality and owner of Killerspots, Inc. Creative Media Service, developed a new technology – Walk On™ Site – to take multimedia on clients’ sites to the next level.

“Walk On™ are actors or clients ‘walking on’ their websites as a video spokesperson to increase leads, inform users of events or promotions, guide users through their website to explain a product, service or even make a purchase,” Bennett says. “It’s an instant conversion tool.”

Everything is programmed, shot, edited, hosted and maintained by Anderson-based Killerspots, Inc. “Walk On™ is not a reseller service,” says Bennett. “We are Walk On™.”

How does it work? The Walk On™ technology is IP enabled to remember each time your website visitor comes back. So, it knows when it’s your website visitor’s first time and when they come back.

“Our Walk On™ technology is intelligent so the actors and actress are not intrusive, but highly effective to give you that ‘Call to Action’ you require,” Bennett says. “Everything is customized to fit your needs and industry.”

You can have the Walk On™ actor start immediately as your visitors enter your website or the Walk On™ actor can be activated by the visitor by clicking a small “Play Me” button placed anywhere you wish on your website. “The Walk On™ technology is so advanced that the actors or the business owner can be displayed as little or as many times you would like or even rotate with other actors to make your site more engaging and compelling,” explains Bennett.

Walk On videos can also be scheduled during certain parts of the day as a precise marketing tool. When you click on the Walk On™ actor, it has the ability to link your visitor to a page of your choice like a Submit form, a downloadable coupon or even a Shopping Cart, which can be changed at anytime, as many times as you want at no additional cost. You can even track how your Walk On™ actors are performing on your websites.

Bennett says his team is constantly making advancements to the technology, too. “Walk On™ technology is updated and monitored for each of our clients daily and hosted on a dedicated server to ensure your Walk On™ actor is always on your websites 24/7,” he says. “This also ensures a faster loading speed for more efficient results.”

While there are various Walk On™ packages, Bennett says “Walk On™ technology is the most cost effective way to advertise your products and services on the internet today to get the results you need.” In addition, each Walk On™ includes scripting, actors, shooting sessions, editing, audio and graphics, link updates, back-end tracking and dashboard, hosting and maintenance.

“You have only seven seconds to entice that visitor and potential customer to contact you or buy. If you don’t, they are off to your competition within a click,” says Bennett. “With a Walk On Site on your website, the odds of keeping that visitor and converting them into a sale goes up dramatically. Some of our clients have reported more than 80% increases in lead generation!”

Cincy Chic | August 2011 | Written By: Cincy Chic Staff

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