Many businesses owe almost all of their growth to the assistance they receive from advertising agencies. Maybe that is why the industry for advertising agencies is worth more than $59 billion each year in the United States alone! However, many businesses are failing to make the most of jingles for business advertising, one of the most efficient advertising techniques out there!

Many business leaders do not realize how many benefits come with using a jingle for advertising. If more people appreciated the power of the jingle, more businesses would be likely to use them.

Of course, since businesses often do not use jingles, that means that it is easier for those that do to stand out from their competition.

So what are all of the benefits of using a jingle for your marketing? Read on to learn all about the most important advantages that come with using a business jingle!

Branding Benefits of a Jingle

Many people find it hard to describe exactly what branding is. One powerful way to think about branding is that it is like creating an artificial personality.

People are used to forming relationships with other people and getting to know their personalities. Businesses do not have personalities, but branding can help them appear to have personalities.

Business leaders can put together a personality for their business and then potential customers are more likely to feel like they have a social connection with a business. That sort of connection can lead to greater trust in a business.

So how can a jingle help with this process? Almost everybody defines themselves at least in some way by the music that they enjoy. A person who does not have any relationship to music may have trouble connecting to people, at least along that dimension.

If a business brand does not have any relationship to music, then it can have trouble connecting to people along the dimension of music. Creating a signature jingle for a business means giving people the sense that the business has a certain personality that relates to music as well as to other things that are important to humans.

You Can Use Catchy Jingles Over and Over Again

One of the amazing advantages of jingles that many people overlook is that you can use them over and over again. The vast majority of individual ads do not provide that much value. That is why businesses need to create new ads all of the time.

Every time they create a new ad, they pay a certain expense to do so. In contrast, you only pay for the cost of creating a jingle one time. Once that is done, you can use it over and over again, which makes it unique among advertising tools.

Whereas most advertising tools get less effective if you use them many times, jingles get more and more effective when you use them over and over again.

Jingles Are Easy to Remember

There is a reason that we have a song to teach children the alphabet. It is much easier to learn sequences of words and ideas when they are placed to music.

People have a deep instinct for music that helps it stick in their minds. That means that not only can you use a jingle many times, but people will be much more likely to remember your jingle than anything else about your advertising.

That makes it one of the single most potent advertising tools a business can have. 

A Jingle Branding Element Makes a Strong Impression

We already talked about how associating a business with music can help people feel like the personality of the business is more real. However, jingles can help you with branding in other ways as well.

Just making a business seem like it appreciates music is not the same thing as deciding what message to send with the music of the jingle. Whatever ideas you associate with the jingle will be disproportionately salient in the minds of potential customers.

For example, if a jingle talks about the importance of community, consumers are more likely to think of community as one of the strongest values of a business.

You might also choose to represent cost savings or reliability as among the highest values of a business. Whatever value you express with a jingle, people will remember it more than almost anything else you express about your company.

Catchy Jingles Can Brighten Moods

Many people hate advertising. They feel that it is intrusive and does not provide value to them the vast majority of the time.

However, jingles can be much more pleasant to experience. As a result, you can turn what could feel like an intrusive ad into an enjoyable experience for consumers.

Enjoy Less Competition

Most companies are already saturating other marketing spaces. Using a jingle can mean standing out because fewer businesses realize how effective a good jingle can be.

Jingles Become More Powerful With Time

Other ads tend to lose value over time. What seemed relevant before becomes irrelevant as the years go by.

However, jingles enjoy the opposite dynamic. The more you use them, the more powerful they become. Years later, they can even provide the benefits of nostalgia.

Understand the Benefits of Having Jingles for Business

It is hard to deny the significance of the benefits of having jingles for business advertising. They provide a unique combination of efficiency and efficacy. The more you understand the power of the jingle, the better able you will be to assess if a jingle is the right marketing move for your business.

To learn more about how you can obtain a powerful jingle, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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