Video advertisements, such as television ads, are shared 1,200% more than the combination of texts and links. Consumers are able to remember videos better, thus remembering the brand and its products. 

In fact, investing in television ads can increase the effectiveness of your advertising by 40%! 

That is if you do it right. 

It can be difficult to capture the attention of viewers when commercials are on. Nowadays, TV watchers turn to their phones during a commercial break. So, how do you make them look up from their smaller screens?

Keep reading to find out!

1. A Memorable Jingle

What are some of the most memorable jingles of television ads today? According to this study, “Nationwide is on your side” is the best-known jingle. We’ll bet you even sang it in your head when coming across those words. 

The second most memorable is McDonald’s “Ba-da-ba-ba-baaa… I’m lovin’ it.”

Closely following isn’t even much of a jingle, just the powerful cry of “RICOLAAAAA.” 

We’ve learned from this that your jingle doesn’t have to be extremely clever, long, or funny. It just has to be simple and unique. Not to mention, a commercial jingle should be timeless. 

By this, we mean you should not factor in trends, because trends are always shifting. 

Think about what your brand sells and who the target audience is. Familiarize yourself with their likes and dislikes. Then, consider your brand identity and how the two correlate. 

What are you promising to the consumer with their use of your product or service? How should your customer feel afterwards?

The Nationwide insurance jingle suggests safety and calmness with their services. McDonald’s suggests that their delicious food will make you want to do a little dance. Ricola allows the user to think they can scream from the mountaintops after using their lozenge. 

Look for a way to convey messages like these through a jingle of your own. If writing jingles production isn’t your forté, we’re happy to help

2. A Promise to Make Consumer’s Lives Easier

You’ve created your business through identifying a lack of your product or service in the market. Therefore, your business should be the saving grace of your target consumer. 

Your television ads should make this apparent. They must suggest the problem and offer your solution. 

The suggestion of a common problem can be difficult to convey nonchalantly. This must be expertly done, as it will be the factor that makes your audience look up from their phones. 

Don’t be the ad that directly questions: “Do you have problems with blah-blah-blah?” That makes it too infomercial-like. 

Make the commercial seem like it is an exact representation of your target audience struggling without the use of your product or service. Give it some quirks, make it slightly absurd, add your spin on the situation. 

And then bring it home with your business being the superhero. End with that killer jingle that everyone gets stuck in their heads, and you just got someone to search your business on their phone during the next commercial. 

3. Representation Matters

There is a line between consumers wanting to see their celebrity idols endorsing a product versus them wanting to see folks they can identify with. 

The best television commercials both entice a customer and offer trustworthiness. Trust can be built between a brand and its customers through inclusive marketing.

In fact, 49% of consumers do not purchase goods from brands that don’t uphold similar values. 

We suggest looking at the reviews of your products and services to find who is using them. Address their concerns with your television ads and let them know you’re listening. 

A brand that listens to their customers gains loyalty. 

A celebrity on TV commercials give it that “wow” factor, but only for short term interest. Representing folks with real issues and offering a real solution will provide you with long-term sales. 

4. Pair Your Television Ads With Radio

We at Killerspots are experts in multiple ad production services, and custom jungles for your business can live on a few different advertising entities. 

Ears will certainly perk up when they identify a familiar sound. So, if you’re watching TV at home and hear an ad that you heard on the radio earlier today, you’ll likely look up to see what it is. 

This is an attention grabber. 

It also suggests to consumers that your business must be doing well if able to afford both television and radio ad placements—thus granting your business credibility. 

If a consumer in need of services like yours thinks you to be credible and trustworthy, they’re more likely to pick your business over competitors. 

5. Consistency is Key

When placing an ad anywhere, regardless of it being TV, radio, print, etc., you want your advertisements to be consistent. By this, we mean that you want your ads to seamlessly coalesce.

Doing this allows your customers to immediately identify your brand. You’ve attracted a niche market, and your products or services must find a niche commercial idea that can be translated across mediums.

Perhaps that’s through using the same actor or actress every time. Maybe your jingle plays at the beginning as a quick identifying trigger. 

No matter how you do it, you want people to see or hear something and immediately recognize your brand. 

Jingle Your Way to Sales

Creating engaging television ads is difficult to come by nowadays, but the most important thing is the jingle that pairs with it. This sets the tone of your brand and serves as a building block to loyalty and sales. 

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you and your business. We are a full-service agency that is eager to tackle any of your marketing needs.

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